Meet and Greet Local Authors -18th April

Event At Swindon Central Library – A date for your diary!

Swindon Libraries & Info. Service

Saturday 18th April

Central Library, 11am – 1pm

This week’s meet and greet focusses on work around children.

Whether you are interested in home schooling, your child likes science or you’d like your baby to grow up learning another language, we will have a variety of authors joining us.

From 11am our authors will be forming a panel and discussing their own work followed by questions from the audience.

If you are wanting to write a book for children, be part of the discussion!

Confirmed Authors:

Jane Humphries

jane humphries (2)Jane is introducing her debut book, covering short stories for children aged 4 to 11 years.

Each tale includes values for life such as independence, confidence, respect, trust and responsibility.

In her career as a teacher, Jane has taught in Germany and Hong Kong as well as Wiltshire, giving her a wealth of experience, some of which are in the book.

Annalisa Jackson

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